5 STAR Rated 4 Best Composting Toilet of 2022 (Ultimate Guide)

5 STAR Rated 4 Best Composting Toilet of 2022 (Ultimate Guide)
June 7, 2022 admin

1. Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

This one of the best composting toilets. It comes in a beautiful design which is very attractive and easy to use. It is the best choice for a portable composting toilet. When choosing a toilet, reliability is key. The toilet is very reliable, affordable and comes with a great value and the latest design. Whether on land or on the road, Nature’s Head offers a self-contained type of toilet.

Two sailors first designed Nature’s Head toilet. Their main aim was to create a user-friendly version of the regular toilet to be able to suit every need. In as much as most products are designed to withstand environments such as harsh marine, Nature’s toilet is versatile. It can be used anywhere.

Also, if you’re in such places where plumbing or electricity is complicated, then this toilet would be a life saver! It can be used in places where power doesn’t exist. It can also be used in camping toilet and RVs, in workshops, yurts, vacation cabins, barns, and trucks.

The most important feature is that it doesn’t have a foul odor that is associated with the holding tank system. It has a built-in air circulation fan which works to recycle air in the bathroom. This ensures that the environment smells better.

Nature’s head was initially designed for the marine purpose. Therefore, it has a rugged design and is made from stainless hardware. It is very durable and can stand in any harsh environment.


  • It is made from all stainless hardware making it very durable.
  • It comes in a great design that is not only attractive but also compact enough to fit into any tiny space.
  • It has a full-size seat that provides comfort.
  • It is easy to empty as it can disassemble in seconds to aid in draining.
  • It has a vent hose and a fan for a better smelling bathroom.

2. The Dry Composting Nature’s Head Toilet

Personal sanitation is one of those things that we all stress on. With an innovative design, the composting toilet is the perfect and the best c-head toilet. It is self-contained and comes with a urine diverting mechanism. Its waterless operation makes it easy to use. It is not only lightweight and compact but also odorless thereby ensuring it fits any tiny space, home, cabin, boat, workshop, and RV.

It is made from stainless hardware and robust construction. It is designed in a way that it is user- friendly to ensure it can stand harsh conditions.


  • It is user-friendly
  • It is easy to install
  • It has a great and molded design that is very attractive
  • It is compact· It is made from stainless hardware making it very durable.

3. Sun-Mar Excel Composting Toilet

This is another self-contained composting toilet with amazing features to suit all your sanitation needs. It can convert human waste into fertilizing soil without emitting any odor making it an excellent airhead toilet. The excel is designed for high capacity use. It can be used by more than three people in a home or almost eight people in a cabin. It has a detachable footrest and is pest proof.


  • It has a bio-drum for processing compost
  • It is a low profile unit meaning that it can complement a bathroom
  • It doesn’t use water
  • It is non-polluting
  • It is a high capacity unit and can be used anywhere

4. Sun-Mar Compact Composting Toilet

It is a self-contained RV composting toilet. It has the ability to odorless convert wastes to fertilizing the soil. This particular model is perfectly made for It is an ideal composting toilet tiny house essential for a single residential setting. It can also be great for at least four people in a cabin.

It has a venting out that allows for circulation of air thereby ensuring that the bathroom has no foul odor. It comes in a footrest and is also peat proof. This composting toilet for RV also has an emergency drain.


  • It complements any bathroom
  • It uses no water.
  • It comes with an included variable bio-drum
  • It runs on a standard household current

Composting Toilet Buying Guide

A composting toilet can be the godsend you need these days if you are in a rural area. However, a composting toilet can give you more benefits than you might think possible, and we will tell you more about them right away. If you are using Google to search for “dry flush toilet, c-head composting toilet, airhead composting toilet, RV composting toilet, lowes compost bin, then read on.

What is a composting toilet?

A composting toilet is just a toilet that can help you save the environment and save some money. Sounds good, right? Yes, it is good, and we are going to let you know more.


The first thing that you have to consider when purchasing a composting toilet is its temperature. If this temperature falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, waste might not break down, so you will need to implement more cleanouts down the road too.

Zoning Requirements

Your composing toilet should meet zoning requirements, and you have to keep this in mind too. To find any local guidance regarding zoning requirements, use Google; this will allow you to get what you need quickly. You can also ask a local zoning board to get this kind of information as soon as possible.

Self-contained or Centralized?

A self-contained composting toilet is a fully functional one with all you need in one place, while the centralized composting toilet has a composing unit that is genuinely separate somewhere else in the property or house. You can even find a self-contained composting toilet in both non-electric and electric versions. The base of this toilet has a chamber that this unit uses to do the job pretty well at all times.

If you need to save space, a self-contained composting toilet might do the job right away. A centralized toilet will use a separate composting container which is connected to the rest of the unit using a special adaptor or a pipe.

You can also use a dry version of a centralized toilet if you don’t have access to any running water out there. These types of composting toilets use vacuum pressure to stuck the waste in no time, and they are very good at it.

A centralized composting container allows for more people to use it, as it has a larger composting container. You will have to wait more time to clean this unit out, and that will be very good for you down the road too.

Who Needs it?

A self-contained composting toilet is truly needed in RVs, cabins, rural homes, and even boats. You can find even a lot of financial advantages once you put hands on these types of toilets too. You will be free from any smell when you are using these types of toilets because they have a fantastic ventilation process that takes care of this in no time.


Temperature Control and Humidity

These types of toilets will work fine because they use two things: temperature control and humidity. The machine keeps moisture at the right balance, and the temperature control feature does the job pretty well. These toilets also might have an electronic control system monitoring the humidity level and temperature at all times. You will have to deal with a lower decomposition process when you purchase a non-electric model, and they are also limited when it comes to evaporation and things like that. Empty the tray after either one month or a couple of months so you can keep this toilet working correctly at all times.


Before installing these types of toilets, you are better off checking any regulation regarding the use of these items, as this will allow you to avoid many headaches in the future. You have to know more about any regulation regarding the use of humanure too. In some cases, finding out more information on greywater regulation is also a great idea. Establishing a compost might take up two weeks, and you have to be prepared for this, and some adjusting might also be required over time.


As you can see, a composting toilet can be what you need if you are looking for a way to save money down the line, and you can also help the world. You need to know the difference between the different types of composting toilets out there because this will allow you to save more money down the road.

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Nature’s Head has proven easy to use especially during emptying. Disassembling is pretty easy and quick, unlike most designs.
- Josh Anderson

Dope Composting

Sun-Mar Excel is the real deal when it comes to dealing with waste. The bio-drum is such a useful and odorless invention that saves you lots.
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Zero Water, Fewer Bills

You will love the no water Sun Mar Compact Compost toilet. It might sound outrageous but you won’t understand until you know the cost of sanitation and water.
- Greg Ackroyd
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