5 STAR Rated 5 Best Corner Toilets of 2022

5 STAR Rated 5 Best Corner Toilets of 2022
June 6, 2022 admin

The centerpiece of every bathroom is the toilet. That also serves as the primary reason for the bathroom. But with the problem of space these days it is hard to find compact toilets that fit into small places. Well, here is the list of toilets for small spaces that you need if you are struggling with space.

1. American Standard Cadet 3 Two-Piece Elongated Triangle Toilet

This is a regular, modest and space saving toilet. And not just space, but this toilet also conserves water as it flushes out just 1.28 gallons per flush. Both the performance and great looks match equally and it since it is the standard white, it goes well with almost any bathroom.

Key Features

• Smart looks that complement the bathroom
• Otters fewer clogs at a great price
• A corner toilet tank, and so does not need a lot of setting up or procedures
• The Cadet 3 is a hard working versatile series with superior performance
• Performance is shown, and the product is reliable

2. White Porcelain Elongated Corner Toilet

This is one for the classy types. The toilet looks beautiful, but yet manages to be a space saving toilet. This toilet for small spaces is made from some of the finest materials in the market, like scratch and stain proof China finish. Just as the name suggests, the bowl is elongated, and this thus ensures comfort too. This particular toilet is not just all about looks but is also water efficient too. So if you’re looking for a toilet that is both functional and good-looking, then this is the one for you.

Key Features

• Water efficient fixture
• Push button dual flush mechanism
• Comes in a Pantone color that goes really well with any bathroom tile or floor
• Has a strong 1.6-gallon flush
• Has a neat and slick finish

3. Bathroom Corner White Space Saving Dual Flush Toilet

This toilet is yet another functional toilet that comes without all the bells and whistles. This is a truly valuable product for any bathroom. This particular product surpasses EPA water conservation guidelines. As the company also states, this particular product is guaranteed to save both money and water. If you are someone who does not want any conventional toilet but wants a unique one with various features, then this might be something that you would like to look at.

Key Features

• Water efficient fixture that can save up to 25,000 gallons of water each year
• Features a 0.8-gallon flush, but is also designed to save water too
• Specifically designed to save space in small bathrooms

4. White Ceramic Round Space Dual Flush Corner Toilet

A small toilet, the White Ceramic Round Space toilet has what it got to save space. The toilet is compact and can be tucked into almost anywhere. The finish is smooth and clear, and is scratch and stain free. The toilet has a good flush system, and considerable force is used in the flush.

Key Features

• Enhances decor with great looks and smooth finish
• Features a push button dual flush mechanism
• Easy to clean and to handle
• Reno-gloss finish helps in avoiding scratches and stains

5. American Standard Titan Elongated Toilet with Triangle Tank

You cannot get more compact than this. The best-designed toilet in this series, the American standard titan elongated toilet has a triangle tank that fits corners like a glove. Usually, with toilets that have the regular tank, it might be a bit hard to fit toilets and tanks due to their bulky size. And as for now, this one of the only toilets that are specifically made for corners. But this toilet has cleverly avoided that problem and has also managed to make it look nice too. This particular piece is not the regular shape and proudly stands out to be different. The toilet is made of vitreous china, that is a very durable and long-standing material. The toilet has been certified as having WaterSense, and so one does not need to worry as to the amount of water that is being used by the toilet.

Key Features

• Oversized 3″ flush valve
• Elongated bowl
• Extended footprint fits to allow further remodeling if necessary
• Comes with a 3-inch flush valve
• Gives great performance in flush, and is also reliable in terms of quality

A Brief Discussion of Corner Toilet

Corner toilet is an excellent invention considering the space constraint. Small bathrooms always come with space challenge, but with corner toilet, in place, these challenges are fulfilled. Corner toilet is something which has the same functionality as an ordinary toilet and gives the same experience of use. The only separating facet is that it is a set of cistern and toilet to fit together in the corner of the bathroom or cloakroom (a room where outdoor clothes or luggage are left). Corner toilet is also known as a triangular toilet as they come with a triangular tank to fit in the corner adjacent walls of the bathroom. To maximize the available space especially when you have a small bathroom or cloakroom, you need a toilet that is designed to fit in the corner. Corner toilets are designed intelligently to make the little space you have to look luxurious. You can make use of the additional available space by fitting other bathroom accessories such as a basin, shower, etc.

Technology advancement:

  • The development of technology has made a great contribution to saving space.
  • The toilet and other bathroom accessories are designed wisely to take little space or to fit at limited available space in the bathroom.
  • Due to the clever space-saving feature of the corner toilet, the concept of corner toilet is much admired and accepted in the recent times.
  • It has become very popular and latest trend in the recent times.

The need for Corner Toilet:

  • The main reason for the innovation of a corner toilet is the space constraint.
  • The population is increasing considerably, and land is becoming very expensive or sometimes unaffordable.
  • People are left with no option but to live in small space, due to this they want to make the best use of technology and latest innovation (or development) that will use the limited space in an organized manner.
  • In a cramped space bathroom, you have to install a corner toilet. You do not have an option to go for the traditional toilet.
  • It can be easily fitted at a corner and gives more legroom in a cramped or small bathroom.
  • When a corner toilet is installed, the confined bathroom appears very spacious.
  • It is not all about saving space, but an elegant look is also must.
  • Corner toilet takes the available space in the cramped bathroom and gives an elegant look to the bathroom.
  • The elegant look is very relaxing when you use the bathroom with a corner toilet installed in it.
  • When it comes to a cloakroom. corner toilet is highly preferred to save space.
  • In a new construction building, you no need not worry if you have left with little space for the bathroom. You can happily install a corner toilet, and it makes you feel that the bathroom is very spacious.

Installation of Corner Toilet:

It requires a technical expert in installing corner toilet in a bathroom. It is suggested to hire a plumber to install a corner toilet. The basic concept or principles for installing corner toilet and the traditional one is pretty much the same. The corner toilet consists of three components. Toilet bowl, water, and cistern.

  1. The first thing is to assemble a cistern in the water tank.
  2. To assemble the cistern in the water tank. You will have screws that go at the bottom of the tank and two plastic mechanized components for the functioning of the cistern.
  3. The screw used in the water tank has a two plastic washer and a rubber washer in the middle.
  4. Fix both the screw at the bottom of the water tank with the plastic washer and rubber washer placed inside and another plastic washer from another side (or outside) of the tank, followed by the nut to secure it.
  5. Tighten the nut using a spanner or other tool equipment. The important thing that should be considered while tightening the fixtures is that nothing should be over tightened.
  6. Fix the main cistern at the middle water tank with the rubber washer of the cistern inside the water tank.
  7. The last thing to attach the cistern is the flow chamber. The same principle is used in fixing it, with the rubber washer inside the water tank and the thread that come from the other hole in the water tank to fix the plastic nut from outside. Can use a spanner to tighten it.

When the above fixtures are done, it is necessary to make sure that the cable inside the cistern will line up with the button for the flush. We need to put the button for the flush through the lid of the water tank and connect it with the cable that comes from inside the cistern. The switch is used for the mechanism in flushing water to the toilet bowl. Once the cistern in fixed inside the water tank. Align the water tank to the toilet bowl and fix it with the provided nuts. Make sure that the water tank is properly secured to the corner of the adjacent wall along with toilet bowl.

  1. Connect the pan of the toilet bowl to the waste line.
  2. Fix the toilet bowl to the floor and secure them with the screws provided.
  3. Finally, connect the inlet water pipe to the water tank.
  4. Make sure there are leaks of water anywhere. Before you appreciate your work.
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