Kohler Cimarron Comfort Height Toilet Review

Kohler Cimarron Comfort Height Toilet Review
June 6, 2022 admin

Kohler has been leading the way in the evolution of toilets in their design of toilets that are more efficient and easier to use. Their Cimarron Comfort Height Toilet is one such that has changed the luxury toilet market standards. However, what exactly makes it unique? Is it worth spending on? This review gives you everything you need to know about this much-hyped toilet.

It is a two-piece toilet whose low water consumption of 1.6 gallons per flush, the elongated height that is comfortable and one-flush cleaning sets it aside from other toilets. Its pressure assisted flushing courtesy of the AquaPiston system by Kohler takes its efficiency to a whole new level.

Special Features

Before looking at its pros and cons, it is crucial that the features that make it unique be understood. They range from the flushing, design to water consumption and this is how they make the Kohler Cimarron toilet unique.


The Kohler AquaPiston flushing system makes it a power flushing toilet. The system boosts the water pressure and also makes the water flush down all around the rim perimeter. Together with the drip tray that is fully glazed and the bowel’s contoured design, first time flushing is highly effective. Everything is done in a single flush.


As a two-piece toilet, it is made up of the tank and the bowel elongation. The tank houses the legendary AquaPiston system. The elongated bowel makes its height higher than standard toilet sizes. It takes it to the height of a standard chair which makes sitting and standing easy. The feature makes it one of the most comfortable adult toilets today. It is ADA certified because of the height and the lever trip flush. Its trip tray is fully glazed.

Water Consumption

Given that only 1.6gallons of water is utilized per flush and a single flush gets the work done, the toilet saves you a lot of money on the water bills. It has been Water Sense certified by EPA and does attract rebates in some regions.


  1. Easy to use with its flush trip lever
  2. It is raised and hence at a comfortable height for adults
  3. Easy to clean with most cleaning products as it has no special coating
  4. Highly effective in a single flush courtesy of the AquaPiston system
  5. Installation is easy and also comes with the manual for installation
  6. Low water consumption that cuts down on water bills
  7. Comes with a 1-year limited warranty


  1. Doesn’t come with a toilet seat and you will need to purchase separately which adds to the cost
  2. It is somehow difficult to use a plunger due to its shape at the base


Given the many features that the Cimarron Comfort Height Toilet brings to the world of toilets, it is worth spending on. It is one of the best pressure assisted toilets available today whose price is not through the roof. The AquaPiston flushing system by Kohler and the toilet height are two of its greatest features that make it not only efficient but also very comfortable to use. You can opt for it if you are tired of the straining to sit on those with standard toilet sizes.

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