5 STAR Rated[Recommended]10 Best Bathroom Fan | Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light – Reviews of 2022

5 STAR Rated[Recommended]10 Best Bathroom Fan | Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light – Reviews of 2022
June 6, 2022 Mamun

Perhaps you are experiencing a nightmare of mold or mildew build-up in your bathroom, and you are wondering how this came to be. The humidity level in your bathroom is the cause of the build-up, and it can also buoy up the growth of germs in no time. Getting rid of moisture and maintaining a healthy and well-ventilated bathroom is nothing to be fussing about because there are many bathroom fans that you can use to handle the situation in the market. Nevertheless, getting the right bathroom exhaust fan might be a hard nut to crack as you might end up buying a worthless fan. This is why we have saved the day for you by painstakingly surveyed the market and got the ten best bathroom fans in 2020 for you.

1.Panasonic FV-08VQ5 80 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan

Panasonic FV-08VQ5 fan is a bathroom ceiling fan that helps to maintain perfect bathroom ventilation by extracting moisture from the bathroom to the exterior and keeps your bathroom fresh every moment. With less energy consumption, it effectively ventilates the bathroom. This bathroom fan does not quickly overheat. It is convenient to install as it comes with a double hanger bar, which makes it easy for you to fix it in the best position. This bathroom fan is quiet, efficient, and durable. Due to its remarkable features, it secures its place among the top 10 best bathroom fans in 2018. Also, it has won 4.6 out of the five stars of the customers’ review ratings.

Key Features

  • Panasonic FV-08VQ5 has the airflow capacity of up to 80 cubic feet per minute (CFM).- It comes with an AC condenser motor.
  • The motor has 120 volts, 50 Hz standard power rating.
  • It is equipped with a thermal cutoff, which breaks the electrical current when the heat is above normal.
  • The bathroom exhaust fan is constructed with galvanized steel that is resistant to corrosion.
  • It features a double-hanger bar system with torsion spring that enables its accurate installation and positioning.
  • The grille size is 13 inches.
  • This bathroom ventilation fan features a duct adapter that is 4 inches in diameter.
  • It operates quietly with less than 0.3 Sone.

2. Air King BFQ 90 CFM High-Performance Fan

Perhaps you are considering a bathroom ceiling fan that you can get cheaply. You should consider Air King BFQ bathroom exhaust fan. This bathroom ventilation fan comes with a very convenient snap-in installation system, which allows you to install the fan with ease. The fan comes with outstanding features that ensure its durability, high efficiency, and high performance. The features make it one of the 10 best bathroom fans trending in 2018. Moreover, it has 4.1 out of the 5 stars of the customers’ review ratings.

Key Features

  • The grille size is 10 square inches.
  • It comes with a durable and high
  • impact housing, which improves its quiet operation and high performance.
  • The housing features a 4 inches plastic duct collar that is incorporated with a backdraft damper for draft protection and for enhancing its quiet operation.
  • It has an airflow capacity of 90 CFM.
  • This bathroom exhaust fan comes with a ceiling joint bracket and screws that enable snap-in installation with the housing.
  • It features ducting on the right or left-hand side.
  • The fan comes with a 1-year warranty.

3. Delta Breez SLM70 Exhaust Fan

If you are looking for a lightweight bathroom exhaust fan, Delta Breeze SLM 70 might be your best bet. Though this bathroom fan is compact, yet it is powerful. It is equipped with an efficient DC brushless motor that runs so quietly; therefore, it comes with a LED indicator that lets you know whether the fan is running or not. The modern grille allows both ceiling and wall mounting, which makes it a perfect bathroom window exhaust fan. Its superb features give it a place among the ten best bathroom fans in 2020, and it has won 4.1 out of the 5 stars of the customers’ review ratings.

Key Features

  • Delta Breeze SLM 70 has an excellently low noise level of 2.0 sones.
  • It comes with a standard duct size of 3 inches.
  • The grille is durable and ergonomically designed.
  • It features an anti-rust galvanized steel construction.
  • This bathroom fan features a LED indicator that is ideally situated underneath the grille.
  • The exhaust fan features a standard DC brushless motor.
  • It operates efficiently with low energy consumption.

4. Delta BreezeGreenBuilder GBR 100 CFM Exhaust Fan

Delta BreezeGreenBuilder GBR 100 exhaust fan is exceptionally quiet. To make up for the quietness, it comes with a LED indicator that alerts the user whether the bathroom exhaust fan is running or not. This bathroom exhaust fan with LED light comes with an efficient motor. The motor has considerably low energy consumption. This bathroom fan is lightweight, and it is suitable to be installed as a bathroom ceiling fan or a bathroom window exhaust fan. Its astounding features give it a position among the ten best bathroom fans in 2020. It has won 4.3 out of the 5 stars of customers’ review ratings.

Key Features

  • Delta BreezeGreenBuilder GBR100 comes with a precision-engineered brushless DC motor.
  • DC motor energy consumption is significantly low.
  • It features a hushed operation of 1.4 Sones.
  • A green LED indicator comes with this bathroom exhaust fan.
  • It has an airflow capacity of 100 CFM.
  • The bathroom window fan is constructed with corrosion-resistant galvanized steel.
  • It has a sturdy and durable grille.

5. Broan 655 Heater Bath Fan

You may need a fan with heating, fanning and lighting functionalities, Broan 655 Heater Bath fan is your best bet. This bathroom exhaust fan comes with a fan and a heater. The fan and heater have separate motors and controls, so you can choose the make the fan or the heater run, or make both of them run simultaneously. Moreover, it also has lighting functionality with a separate control. This bathroom ceiling fan runs quietly. It features a durable, stylish, and decorative grille with corrosion-resistant construction. With its outstanding features, it has won 4.2 out of the 5 stars of customers’ review ratings, and it is one of the ten best bathroom fans trending in 2020.

Key Features

  • Broan 655 bathroom exhaust fan comes with an airflow capacity of 70 CFM.
  • It features a quiet operation of 4 Sones.
  • This bathroom ceiling fan comes with different controls for the fan, the heater, and the lighting. The fan, the radiator, and the light can be operated to function independently or simultaneously.
  • It comes with a highly decorative designer styled grille.
  • This bathroom exhaust fan features a 100-watt bright light capacity, but no bulb included is included.
  • It comes with a 1300 watt heater that ensures swift heat distribution.
  • This bathroom fan has 24 inches of adjustable mounting brackets.
  • The housing is made with anti-rust galvanized steel.

6. Broan 688 Ceiling and Wall Mount Fan

Probably the best bathroom exhaust fan you’ll find in the market, this Broan 688 Ceiling and Wall Mount Fan is not only a unit that well seemingly fit your room decor but also an updated traditional way to fight off the humidity. Its primary function is to keep you safe from the potential contaminants and chemicals which can cause severe disease. Compact in size and prone to dust, this unit is more than you could ever ask for. Get relieved of that bad smell in your bathroom, and enjoy the surroundings of your house safe from the possible air contaminants. Eliminate all that might harm you with a single unit, and get ready to see the change around you. The unit incorporates top quality plastic blades and a wheel, ensuring the years of use without the need for a bathroom exhaust fan replacement. There are several points which make this unit different from the others, and let’s say that being less expensive is not the only one. Here are some additional features of this Broan unit.

Key Features

  • Carefully crafted motor with permanent lubrication
  • Ideal for medium-sized bathrooms
  • Easy to mount between wall studs
  • Absorbs dust and odor
  • Eliminates humidity and dangerous chemicals
  • Absorbs even pet dander
  • Silent operation

7. BV Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Ventilation and Exhaust Fan

Another essential item on this list, BV Bathroom Ventilation and Exhaust Fan are known for its ultra-quiet operation, but that’s not the only remarkable feature this unit has. What we loved about it was the high-quality motor, which proved that not all good things need to be insanely loud to work. Enjoy your time home with no dust or unpleasant odor, as this unit exhausts the air efficiently. You won’t even notice it’s operating, but you’ll know how efficient it’s once you check the humidity level. The company offers you, several models, to choose from, all with similar performance, adapted to your needs. This unit has a whole range of features that will take your breath away, but here are some keynotes we found.

Key Features

  • Energy-saving unit
  • Thermally protected motor
  • Limited product warranty
  • Improved yet silent performance
  • Incorporated Smart technology

8. NuTone 9093WH Deluxe

It doesn’t get any better from the NuTone 9093WH Deluxe bathroom exhaust fan with the heater. This may be a pricier option, but the fact that it serves several purposes, we cannot complain. Beginning with the incandescent ceiling light, this unit also manages to distribute heat evenly. The group is not only compact in design, but also relatively easy to install, and when it comes to removing the dust and the odor, NuTone takes it to a whole new level. If you’re looking to enjoy clean air, free of contaminants, then this unit is undoubtedly what you’re looking for. Here are some additional features.

Key Features

  • Four function unit
  • Short-term warranty
  • Effective dust eliminator
  • Ideal bathroom light
  • Heats the room quickly

9. Electric Motors C01575 Universal Bathroom Fan

Owning a bathroom window exhaust fan does require some additional care, and eventually, a motor may break down, even in the newer models. Also, if it’s the best bathroom exhaust fan there is, sooner or later, you’ll need to get that motor replaced, and this bathroom exhaust fan replacement electric motor kit has all the things you need, including the fan itself. While it can be used on its own, this kit is something you should have in case your exhaust fan breaks. Even if it’s a Bluetooth bathroom fan, this motor kit can be used to replace the missing parts.

Key Features

  • All-in-one package
  • Compatible with most of the fans
  • 1-year warranty
  • Mechanically reversible motor

10. Hunter 81030 Halcyon Bathroom Exhaust Fan and Light

This Hunter 81030 Halcyon Bathroom Exhaust Fan is all you’ll ever need, as it includes the bathroom light, and excellent performance, and is much cheaper than others on this list. Eliminating the humidity as well as the odor, this unit is not just ideal for smaller bathrooms but also medium-sized ones. If you’ve had your bathroom exhaust fan for over ten years, it is time for bathroom exhaust fan replacement, and this unit is the best choice for the price. It’s one of these silent units that will change your life for the better, and here are the few other reasons why you should consider buying this unit.

Key Features

  • Effective air circulation
  • Modern marble glass design
  • Ultra Silent operation
  • Additional bathroom light

Bathroom ceiling fans are as significant as backdrops and furniture in a safe house. Besides being a prudent decision, it helps finishes the general atmosphere that each mortgage holders imagine accomplishing. When searching for bathroom exhaust fans and other cooling gadgets, be a smart purchaser and think about the accompanying elements:

Factors to consider while Shopping for ventilation fans


Bathroom exhaust fan motors can be utilized lasting throughout the year. To ensure this, search for a fan with a turnaround capacity to supplement the climate. Amid the late spring season, it is best that the cutting edges ought to be in a counter-clockwise turn to advance the course of cold air to fight the heat. Amid winter, the corner of the ventilation fan ought to be in a clockwise pivot to push the warmers a descending way.


Ensure that pieces of the bathroom ceiling heater are on favorable terms and of high esteem. Look at the accompanying parts of the roof fan and ensure they are all in excellent condition – pull chains, fan heading switches (programmed or manual), and light switches. Check for handheld, or divider mounted remote control units or remote control contingent on the producer’s structure.

Best Bathroom exhaust fans

Ventilation fans are essential to keep up the strength and freshness of your washroom. It is required that you to have a restroom that is in every case crisp and usable with dampness and staleness disposed of, you would need to fall back on the best of innovation. What’s more, a washroom fan gives the best of air ventilation to accomplish the ideal dimension of the freshness of your restroom air.

Smoothness of activity

The other surprising normal for a bathroom exhaust fan is the quietness of the engine driving the fan. If you keep up the fan well, at that point, it will work without for all intents and purposes, making any solid. What’s more, it will keep doing as such for a significant lot.


A portion of the washroom fans have lights added to them. These are prominently called fanlights. These gadgets go about as fumes fans as well as give light to the client. Washroom fans are typically roof fitted.

Best CFM for Bathroom ceiling heater

The viability of the fan will be evaluated in “CFM,” or cubic feet every moment of air moved. Figuring out how to compute CFM for a restroom fan will enable you to buy the right size fan for your space. The 70-CFM ventilation functions true to form. Another feature of this unit is the incorporation of a 100-watt brilliant light. The 7 -watt nightlight encourages a delicate sparkle. In other words, it isn’t excessively bright or too diminishes, making it perfect for evening visits to the washroom. This unit warms the toilet for you – and it achieves that right away. Also, you can choose the ideal temperature for your space, and the group will equally circulate the air with the goal that the temperature is kept up.

Choosing a bathroom ceiling heater

There are different kinds of restroom fans accessible in the market today, and just before you take your pick, first think about a couple of things

One is the span of the fan you need. A fundamental principle for deciding this is to take the span of your restroom in cubic feet, duplicate it by eight, and gap it by sixty. That is the number of cubic feet of dampness your fan needs to suck dry every moment. Likewise, settle on a fan dependent on how much commotion may be bearable to you. There are models promoted as calm restroom fans, and these accompany an outer engine that can be introduced in the storage room.

Something else you can think about while picking a fan that is directly for your controls. There are some furnished with sensors that consequently turn on the engine when an individual enters the washroom, and there are others who must be physically worked. Programmed restroom fans likewise accompany a clock that signals when the fan should stop following a specific number of minutes after the sensor distinguishes the individual has left.

While picking a fan, you ought to likewise investigate the mount type that you like and the area where you might want the fan to be introduced. You additionally need to give a depiction of the fan’s situation in your washroom, just as how you need it mounted.

Types of Bathroom ceiling fans

Just in case you want to buy another fan or on the off chance that you are hoping to purchase another sort of fan for your restroom, then you are going to need to think about the various kinds that you can get.

The primary type of fans that they have will be the less expensive fumes fans that are boisterous yet are great at taking out scents and moistness. These fans generally work significantly better than different models, yet they are incredibly irritating.

The other sort that you should need to consider is the direct inverse kind of fan. These fans are a lot calmer will even now take care of business regardless.

The last sort of fan that I am going to refer to here is those extravagant models that accompanied lights and every one of those different kinds of embellishments. These kinds of fans are incredible; however, you don’t generally require them, particularly if you have a tight spending plan.

Duration for Running Bathroom exhaust fan motor

A washroom fan ought to be left running for in any event 20 minutes after an individual escape the shower.


We have covered the ground for you by providing the ten best bathroom fans in 2020 for your perusal. Therefore, leverage this excellent opportunity to choose the right bathroom exhaust fan that best fits your needs to keep your bathroom in perfect condition.


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