Renovator’s Supply Porcelain Corner Toilet Review

Renovator’s Supply Porcelain Corner Toilet Review
February 7, 2023 admin

If you want to purchase a corner toilet or small toilets, you are in the right place at the right time. A compact toilet with water closet dimensions is fine, and a corner toilet bought at Lowes might be the solution. We will talk about Renovator’s Supply Porcelain Corner Toilet.

Elegant Design

The Renovator’s Supply Porcelain Corner Toilet has the elegant design and outstanding performance that you have been seeking for a long time. This is the water-efficient toile that you need to get for your bathroom. If you want to save tons of space in your bathroom, it is for you too. Therefore, put your hands on this toilet today so you can truly get what you want down the road. Saving water is easy with this toilet because the item has a dual-flush mechanism that has been designed with this end in mind.

Stain Resistance

Renovator’s corner toilet can resist stains and scratches, and that is just part of the package. That toilet can also surpass any water conservation guideline out there, and you will be truly proud of this down the road. This toilet is proudly assembled in America, yet the Renovator’s toilers parts are made in China. The parts that you purchase at any retailer might not work with this particular model, and you have to be prepared for this too.

Toilet Seat

This corner toilet comes with a comfortable, beautiful toilet seat that you will love in no time. Just imagine all the comfort that you can have when you sit down on this toilet seat reading your favorite paper and all that stuff. Renovator corner toilet will do the job pretty well and you will truly happy with the things that you can do with this at all times. Since this toilet has two flushes, you will save a lot of water down the line.


The Sheffield Corner 2-Piece 0.8 GPF/1.6 GPF WaterSense Dual Flush Elongated Toilet in White with Slow Close Seat is a modern and efficient toilet option. Here are some specifications of this toilet:


  • Height: 32.5 inches (82.5 cm)
  • Width: 19.25 inches (48.9 cm)
  • Depth: 34.5 inches (87.6 cm)


  • 121 pounds (54.9 kg)


  • Water usage: 0.8 gallons per flush (GPF) or 1.6 GPF, depending on the flush type


  • Main body: heavy-duty porcelain
  • Hardware: stainless steel


  • WaterSense certified for water efficiency and performance
  • Meets American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards for quality and safety
  • Meets International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) standards for plumbing fixtures


  • The Renovator’s Supply Porcelain Corner Toilers flush buttons are placed on the top of the tank, and that will add a lot of convenience to this stuff down the road.
  • If you have a tight space in your bathroom, this corner toilet is for you because it is a small item.
  • This porcelain corner toilet will allow you to have a lot of room on both sides of your room, and that is what counts at the end of the day.


  • The tank of the toilet might become too dark over time.

Remember that Renovator’s Supply Porcelain Corner Toilet is here to stay for a long time because this corner toilet has amazing features that you will truly love right away. Therefore, put your hands on the Renovator toilet today, so you can get what you want.

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